Elgin Garage Door Maintenance Yearly Checklist for New Houses

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Garage Door Repair Elgin IL – How to maintain your garage door

You have got a new garage door in Elgin just a few months before and you are wondering if there is anything that you should check on a regular basis by Elgin garage door repair services to make sure that it keeps working n its best condition. So, here Garage Door Repair Elgin IL have a list divided in 3 main sections to assist you ensure that your garage door will close and open without any issues, especially when you require it the most.

The very first thing that you should do is go in your garage. Now, if you have electric garage door openers, before doing anything else, pull its red emergency cord at first.Contact Elgin garage door repair expert for any services

Step 1: Authentication of your garage door system

The Garage Door:
Did you find any section that is damaged by being hit by any vehicle?
Do the joint between all the sections close in order that they are weather-tight?

The Spring System:
At the first glance, is there any broken spring?
Does it have lots of rust on it?

The Hinges:
Are the screws tightened properly?
Is anything twisted or bent?
Is lifting cable attached properly to the hinges on the bottom of door?

The Rollers:
Do they roll within the tracks (instead of sliding)?
Are they broken or worn?

The Lifting Cables:
Do they wind properly around the reel situated on the top of vertical track?
Are they frayed?

Lifting The Garage Door:
The aim of this action tends to just verify that entire lifting system operates properly.

With only one hand:
Does the garage door seem difficult to lift or sluggish?
Does the door open in fit and start?

Step 2: Authentication of garage door opener

Ensure in advance that the Elgin garage door repair opener’s carriage is working properly.

The mechanical safety reverse systems:
Place a wood piece (2×4) at the threshold of garage door. Close the garage door using the remote.
When the garage door hits the wood piece, does it go up back?

Photoelectric safety reverse systems:
2 box installed 4” over the ground on vertical tracks
If you stick a foot in the front of photoelectric system, does your door go up back?

The wall control panel:
It is situated on the wall close to the door going in the home
Does “open/close” button of your garage door works correctly?
What about one to turn lights on and off?
What about the button used to disable remote? (Push that button and attempt to work on garage door opener utilizing your remote)

The Remote:
Last but not least, have you changed battery in the remote?
Is the garage door opener antenna extended properly?

Step 3: Metal parts lubrication

Did you used to lubricate all metal parts of the Garage Door Repair Elgin opener in every 6 months (after and before the winter season) as well?

If you just don’t have the time to do this, keep in mind that you can contact an Expert Garage Door Repair Elgin IL company who can do the same for you and take care of all your garage door needs, no matter what garage door you have.